About Me

My name is Rhia (pronounced rye-ah) and I am a nutrition coach, blogger, and nurse living on beautiful Vancouver Island BC with my cat and husband!

My journey into the field of health and nutrition started when I was a teenager, seeing my grandparents struggle with multiple health conditions and spending time in the hospital and in home care. Seeing the struggles that these situations put on both them and my entire family motivated me to apply to nursing school at the age of 18 with hopes to help others through these difficult times in their lives. 

At the young age of 20 I began my career as a licensed practical nurse, working in various fields such as home care, primary care, and finally acute care which I am in currently. Throughout my years of nursing I have been fortunate to have helped many people in times of need and have had the opportunity to learn more than I could have imagined about the current health status of our generation. 

Although nursing is a very rewarding career, something inside of me has always been telling me that I can do more. This, combined with my growing knowledge of how lifestyle can affect both physical and mental health is what lead me to studying nutrition.

After exploring many different options of nutrition education, I decided that the path I wanted to take was in health and nutrition coaching. I then successfully completed a nutrition certification through the International Sports Science Association in the spring of 2020, along with completing my group fitness instructor certification in June 2021. 

These certifications are just the beginning of my plans for continuing education in the field of health and nutrition. However, combined with my health knowledge from a 2 year education and 5 year career in nursing, it has given me the foundations to begin offering coaching

I believe that the best health comes from allowing ourselves the things we love in moderation and always help my coaching clients live they love while still reaching their health goals. I am a firm believer that everyone should have the knowledge and abilities to take control of their own health through understanding how to eat, sleep, move, and think most effectively in order to feel their best.

-Rhia Martine