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6 Morning Rituals to Help Ease Anxiety

Updated: Jan 1

Morning routines have been a popular topic on blogs, youtube videos, and social media for quite some time now and are something I have listened to countless podcasts about, but never really took it too seriously until recently. I've always been the type of person who would savour every last minute in bed until I only had time to toss on my clothes and grab a snack in a panic before having to rush out the door or hop on a phone or video meeting and let me tell you, it is not a nice way to begin your day.

I recently realized that starting my days off this way was not only a major waste of time, but it was also increasing my anxiety levels. By waiting until the last minute to get out of bed, I was starting the very first moments of my day out in a rush rather than on my own terms and I didn't have any time to relax, plan out my day, or take time to myself in the morning before the rush of life began.

My current morning routine looks quite a bit different, is super simple, and helps me feel energized and ready for the day with far less anxiety. Here are 6 rituals that I include in my morning routine that are are easy to incorporate daily to help ease anxiety levels and start your days off on a positive note!

Wake up early

Waking up "early" can mean something different to everyone as we all start our days at different times but for me this means setting an alarm for 2 hours before I need to leave the house or hop on my first call of the day if I'm working from home and NOT HITTING SNOOZE! Having a good chunk of time in the morning before I have any commitments helps me stay calm as I start my day on my own pace rather than spending my time in a rush trying to fit 100 things into 15 minutes.

Hydrate hydrate hydrate

One of the first things I do in the morning is drink a big glass of lemon water along with my morning vitamins and supplements. Staying hydrated is such an important factor in our psychical health as water literally makes up 55-60% of our bodies, and dehydration can cause some serious health concerns and even contribute to increased anxiety!

Along with my first glass of water of the day, I also like to make myself a little morning drink which is usually an adaptogenic tea or a fancy homemade almond milk latte. Taking the time to make and enjoy a nice drink in the morning is a great addition to a morning routine as it is a pocket of time that you're able to sit and enjoy your morning slowly while sipping on your favourite beverage. Bonus points if you're making an adaptogen packed drink as you're getting the extra anti-anxiety effects from them!

Enjoy some fresh air

To go along with my morning beverage routine, I like to drink my latte or tea outside if the weather permits or by a window on chillier days. Spending time outdoors and in sunlight has been proven to increase serotonin production as well as Vitamin D levels which can contribute to lower levels of anxiety and increased mood and what better time to reap those benefits than first thing in the morning.

Spend some time planning for the day ahead

So this one might seem a little backwards as thinking about all the things you need to do during the day can definitely increase anxiety at times, however I find that taking some time to sit down and really plan out my to do list and what my priorities are helps me remain calm and positive about what the day holds. Rather than letting an endless list of to-do's run through your head, try sitting down with a notebook or planner (maybe while you enjoy your latte on the patio) and make a plan of what you want to accomplish and how you can effectively schedule those tasks into the time in your day.

Read, watch, or listen to inspiring and positive content

I used to listen to music or watch Netflix as I got ready in the morning but I recently switched to listening to self development podcasts or youtube videos instead and it has seriously made a world of a difference. Starting your morning off by absorbing productive and inspiring material can set the tone for the rest of the day and really prepare you for success and create a positive mindset.

Get some small household chores done

Starting your day off with chores might not sound very relaxing, but getting some small daily chores out of the way first thing in the morning can help once again alleviate the stress of having a to do list to think about all day. On top of this, being in a tidy environment can actually decrease levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, so by tidying your space before you start your day you can lessen the stress of your whole day. I like to start off my morning with a few quick and simple things such as making my bed, unloading the dishwasher, and starting some laundry.


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