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Affordable At Home Fitness

Updated: Jan 1

With gyms having been closed for quite some time, a lot of people had taken to getting in their workouts at home. Some fitness facilities are now starting to re-open, but not everyone is comfortable moving their workouts back into the gym yet and that is totally ok! Luckily there are tons of resources out there for easy no equipment workouts you can do at home along with some affordable and versatile equipment.

There are so many options out there for home gym equipment that it can get a little overwhelming when deciding what to get .. Do you need a massive Bowflex machine?? A treadmill? A squat rack?! And then the question becomes, where the heck am I going to keep all this stuff?! As nice as it would be to have a massive collection of gym equipment similar to your local chain gym. it would also be space consuming, extremely expensive, and honestly just not necessary for the average person looking to stay active and healthy.

One place I would definitely save some cash on is the cardio section. Although having some cardio equipment at home does sound very convenient, and in all honestly I have both a spin bike and a treadmill myself, it is totally not necessary and a great place to save instead of splurge. There are so many free and easy ways to get cardio in like heading out your front door for a run or a walk, running local stairs, heading for a hike, or going for a bike ride outdoors if you have a bike. By doing these activities instead you can save yourself a serious chunk of change and have the added benefit of getting outdoors for some fresh air and vitamin D.

If you do want to invest in a pice of cardio equipment for the rainy days or cooler months, my suggestion would be spin bike as they are compact and don't require much room, they're easily moved as they're usually on wheels, theyre often very quiet which is great if you live in an apartment building or home with other people, and they can come at a fairly low cost with options available. I actually purchased mine off craigslist for I believe $200 so used can be an even more affordable way to go! (will splurge on a peloton one day though LOL.)

Where I do recommend spending some money is on a few key pieces of resistance training equipment. Adding some resistance/weight training into your routine can help improve joint function, bone density, muscle, tendon and ligament strength, as well as cardiovascular and respiratory health. Having increased muscle mass can also increase our metabolism which helps may help with fat loss!

Here are some affordable pieces of equipment you can get to begin doing some resistance training at home.


Dumbbells are my absolute #1 recommendation to get started with at home workouts. There are SO many weight training exercises and workouts you can do for your entire body with just a set of dumbbells!

The nice thing about purchasing dumbbells is that you can start small and build up your collection as you build up your strength. I personally have sets of 5-30 pound weights that increase in increments of 5 pounds but you can totally start with just a couple sets and add more as you go.

These are the dumbbells I personally have in a 10 pound option. They can be purchased at canadian tire and walmart as well.

Barbell Set

If you have dumbbells you don't necessarily NEED a barbell set but I love mine so had to include it on this list. A barbell set is compact and easy to store in minimal space and is super versatile! It can be used for both upper and lower body exercises and is an easier way to add heavier weights to your workouts without needing as many heavier dumbbells.

This is the set I have and I love it! It goes up to 60 pounds but you can also add extra weights if you need/want.

Kettle Bell Dumbbell Attachment

So I almost put kettle bells on this list because I don't have any but constantly wish I did. I usually would just use dumbbells for kettlebell exercises like kettlebell swings, but then I found out that there's such thing as a kettlebell handle attachment for dumbbells.. Game freaking changer.

This kettlebell handle clips onto any size dumbbell and turns it into an instant kettlebell.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are an awesome addition to your home workout equipment and they come with a fairly low price tag! Resistance bands are great for warm ups and adding some resistance to bodyweight exercises.

These resistance bands come in a 5 pack of different levels of resistance from a Canadian company. I also personally love the mini bands from Orangetheory Fitness which can be purchased in studio.

Yoga Mat

If you plan on doing your workouts on a hardwood floor or other hard material I would definitely recommend grabbing yourself a yoga matt for any floor exercises.

This is my favourite yoga mat from Lululemon. Its a little on the pricey side but a great quality that has lasted me years already and it is still cheaper than a bench, which can put you back a couple hundred dollars at least.

Whether you decide to head back to the gym or remain getting in your workouts at home, grabbing yourself a few key pieces of equiptment can be handy for either your everyday exercise routine, or for those days you're travelling or tight on time!


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