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My Favourite Vegan Cookbooks

Updated: Jan 1

I can confidently say that I think cookbooks are the best gift to get literally anyone for any occasion. You can customize them to the individual they're for, they are full of amazing content that the receiver can enjoy for a long time to come, its a super thoughtful gift (thought that counts people), and they look amazing displayed in your kitchen (No shame in my kitchen decor game). Lucky for me, some of my friends know my love for cookbook gifting and my top fave cookbooks were almost all gifted to me!

I hope you enjoy these books either for yourself or as a gift to a loved one, even better if its to someone close enough to you to borrow after! #gifthacking

Thug Kitchen & Thug Kitchen 101 by Thug Kitchen Inc.

These 2 books are vegan, made with real ingredients, and funny AF to read. They are filled with laughs, bluntness, profanities, and amazing food that will have you loving every minute of them.

My favourite recipe from this book is the Pad Thai, its delicious and a blast to read.

Vegan for Everybody by America's Test Kitchen

This book has a great variety of recipes which makes it a perfect one to being out when you're cooking for people a little more skeptical about eating plant based as it has something to please just about everyone who eats food!

Love Real Food by Kathryn Taylor

Kathryn Taylor (Aka Cookie&Kate) is one of my top 3 food bloggers. She posts amazing vegetarian recipes on her website https://cookieandkate.com and I have made a frighteningly large number of them, LOL. I have yet to make too many recipes from her book so far but I have tons bookmarked so stay tuned!

Oh She Glows Everyday by Angela Lidden

This book is filled with quick and easy recipes using whole food ingredients. It is great for whipping up a quick but nutritious week night meal while enjoying the beautiful food photos throughout.


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